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The main 4 sector's representatives will be gathered at the same place. It is a huge opportunity to connect Mongolian the most important sectors. 

А. Building and Construction Sector

Construction Companies,
Manufacturers and Suppliers of Various Building Materials,
Engineering Companies,
Interior Designers,
Landscaping and Gardening Companies,
Construction Machinery Suppliers

B. Road and Transport Sector

Road Construction Companies,
Road Maintenance Companies,
Road Signs Manugacturers and Suplliers,
Road Machinery and Equipment Providers,
Geodesy Survey Companies
Road Construction Material manufacturers
Bithum Importers, Concrete Suppliers
Transportation Service Providers,
Government, Policy Makers

C. Power and Renewable Energy Sector

Energy Professionals,
Utilities, Installers & Servicing Companies,
Renewable Energy Professionals,
Smart Home/Commercial Builders,
Equipment and machinery suppliers,
Transmission Entities,
Manufacturers and Distributors of Cables, Lines and other Materials,

Mining and Heavy Industry Sector
Oil exploration companies
Geological survey and exploration companies
Mining equipment manufacturers and suppliers
Mining machinery: excavating, hoisting, loading, transport and construction
Mineral processing: crushing, pulverizing, screening and laboratory
Drilling service and equipment providers
Explosive traders and manufacturers Safety equipment providers
Oil importers and retailers Catering and logistics service providers
Environmental protection and rehabilitation companies
Consultants, accounting and law firms, mining evaluation services
Banks, insurance and investment companies
Education: universities, research and training institutions
Mining rights owners, Trade companies
Technology: automatism and information services, software development data analysis, laboratories, satellite communication

Benefits to visit Build Mongolia 2024

  • Establish unique contacts 
  • Discover new products and technology
  • Find reliable partners and products
  • To compare materials and equipment to the construction industry
  • Get acquainted with the trends in technology and its development of the sectors